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We’re Invisible Fence of Central Indiana. And we’re glad you’re here. Our branch is an authorized, full-service dealership of genuine Invisible Fence Brand products and services. Since 1986, we’ve remained committed to improving the way Central Indiana pet owners live with their four-legged family members.

With more than 24,062 satisfied human customers in the Central Indiana area, as well as the endorsement of neighborhood veterinarians, we’re passionate about working hard—so you can enjoy your pet more, and worry about them less. From system installation to our exclusive Perfect Start™ Plus training and beyond, Invisible Fence of Central Indiana is always here for you and your pet. That’s our promise to you both.

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The big picture.

Invisible Fence Brand systems feature exclusive technology that works together to give your pet more freedom. All while keeping them out of harm’s way—and out of the hostas. With the same Computer Collar® Receiver, your dog or cat can enjoy safe yard boundaries, access our secure pet door, and learn to resist the temptation of the kitchen garbage can…even when you’re not there to chaperone.

Invisible Fence Brand systems integrate easily, so you can enjoy your pet indoors and out. Plus, they include professional installation and our exclusive, scientifically based pet training. Our solutions are effective. Affordable. And they all come from the original pioneers of pet fencing technology since 1973. So, let’s talk. Together, we’ll discover the solution that’s the perfect fit for you and your pet.

Our team.

Brad Bennett, Owner

Brad is our fearless leader, and started in 1992! Although he is the owner, he is known as the prankster in the office. He can be found lurking around corners or hiding behind doors waiting to jump out and scare you! Beware if he is around! Brad is married to his beautiful wife, Shelly, and they work in the office together. He has two daughters, Regan and Sierra, and a son-in-law, Josh. He is the proud owner of three dogs, Rudy, Scout, and Veda, and a barn kitty named Kitty. He's an army man! He enjoys traveling and camping with his family, golf, and watching UFC. His favorite football team are the Dallas Cowboys. 

Shelly Bennett, Owner

Shelly is our own personal First Lady! She has been with our store since 1991. Not only is she co-owner, but she manages the books. She walks faster than light, so if you see her coming, MOVE! Shelly is married to her high school sweetheart, Brad. She has two daughters, Regan and Sierra, and a son-in-law, Josh. She has three dogs, Rudy, Scout, and Veda. She LOVES laughing, spending time with her family, and snuggling under a blanket in front of the fireplace coloring.

Jared Surber, Client Relations Manager

Jared, aka Jeff Saturday, has been with Invisible Fence Brand since 2001. Jared has pretty much done it all! He is currently working in the office, and oversees the CSRs. He's an extremely fun guy, and very easy going! He comes up with the best team builds for our monthly meeting. We don't know what we would do without him! Jared is happily married to his wife Chrissy, and they have a handsome some, Hudson. His hobbies include camping and golfing. He enjoys cheering on the Indianapolis Colts. 

Ryan Kavich, Operations Manager

Ryan, aka the thinker, has been with us since 2006. He is extremely dedicated to his job and his Invisible Fence family. He has one of the most difficult jobs here. He has to make sure that our entire team is ALWAYS putting the WOW in Bow Wow! Ryan has a beautiful wife, Bethany, a sweet daughter, and two handsome sons. Ryan doesn't have any pets at this moment, but he hopes for one in the future. Ryan enjoys playing the guitar. He actually plays with the church worship team.  

Scott Arehart, Pet Consultant

Scott originally started in 2001 as a technician and a trainer, but he came back in 2014 as a Certified Pet Trainer. He is now a Pet Consultant and selling machine! If you see him, ask him about his lucky charm! Scott is married to his beautiful wife, Melissa. They have 6 children together: Tyler, Jordan, Clayton, Blake, Wyatt, and  sweet and sassy Lauren. He has two dogs, Ollie and Lucy, and a Bengal cat, Hanley. He loves spending time with his family, coaching his kids in sports, and riding his Harley. His favorite sports teams are: Cincinnati Reds, Notre Dame Football, Hoosier basketball, and last but not least...the Dallas Cowboys! 

Brian Stapleton, Pet Consultant

Brian, aka Mr. Personality, started with us in 2012 and worked as a Certified Pet Trainer. he took a small break from 2014-2015, but happily returned as a Pet Consultant.  There is never a dull moment when he is around. Brian is currently engaged to his beautiful fiancee, Megan. He has two beautiful Daughters. He loves spending time with his family, especially outdoors! When it comes to baseball, this guy love cheering on the Cincinnati Reds. 

Stacy Goins, Community Outreach Specialist

Stacy has been with us since 2009. We would consider her our team cheerleader. She's done a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. She currently enjoys her marketing position! She loves visiting vets, and doing presentations with them and with our Project Breathe program. She help the sales team when needed as well. Stacy is a proud kitty momma to Finn and Fiona. She has a crush on Jesus, and loves decorating, party planning, shopping, photography, and being lazy! She's a fan of The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds. When Stacy is around, you can count on high fives, and smiles! 

Chrissy Surber, Sales Support Specialist

Chrissy started with us in 2002, but took a small break and just recently returned. She is married to her best friend, Jared, and they have a very handsome son, Hudson. He gets most of their time and attention! They don't have any pets yet, but they see one in their future. She's been to Alaska FIVE times, and has also stood on the Great Wall of China! She loves refurbishing furniture, and watching movies. Especially if it has Chris Hemsworth in it! 

Aaron Masi, Pet Door Specialist

Aaron has been with us since 2008, and is known as the office clown. When he's not joking around, you can find him working on projects around the building or installing pet doors in the field. Aaron is happily marred to Earlene, and they have a daugher, Leah, and a son, Aaron James. Their family dog is named Rico. He enjoys camping and golfing, and loves the Colts, Hoosiers, St. Louis Cardinals, and Notre Dame football.  

Jacqueline Yokley, Client Service Representative

Jackie has been with us since 2007.  She is a CSR, and keeps the field technicians and trainers in line! When is comes to details, she is ON IT! Also, she's the printer and computer wizard in the office. If she doesn't know how to fix it, she keeps trying until she figures it out! Jackie has an adorably, spunky daughter named Nevaeh. She has two dogs named Meeka and Bruce, and a cat named Callie. Jackie is extremely crafty, and loves making things for her daughter and her home. In her spare time, she enjoys reading! 

Amber Creason, Client Service Representative

Amber has been with Invisible Fence Brand since 2011. She is a CSR, and our troubleshooting queen! If you have a problem she will solve it, or a question she will answer it! She gets the job done for our clients! Amber and her husband, Charles, got married in 2015. They have 5 children in their blended family.  They have three dogs, Princess, Annabelle, and Buttercup.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, binge watching TV with her husband, and assisting with her kids' activities at school and on the field.

Brittany McBride, Client Service Representative

Brittany joined our CSR team this past spring (2017). She has been a great addition to our family, and our clients love her friendly, helpful, and positive attitude! We love her passion and eagerness to help clients and their pets. She has two small fur babies name Willow and Wally. Brittany's fun fact is that she went to Paris when she was 17, and she loved experiencing the culture. 

Adam Murray, Senior Certified Pet Trainer

Adam started in the spring of 2014. He is now a Senior trainer! He has great people skills, and can sell almost anything in the field! he will treat your pet like it's one of his own! He is happily married to his beautiful wife, Katie, and they are the proud parents to their fur baby, Hunter. Adam enjoys camping, music, golf, and shooting. He's also a fan of the Indianapolis Colts. 

Jeremy Morgan, Senior Certified Pet Trainer (CPDT-KA certified)

Jeremy started with us in 2011, and then went to work with our friends at Paws & Play for 3 years. Now he is back! His energy is contagious, and his passion and love for EVERY pet that he meets is out of this world! Jeremy has a lovely wife named Nikki and a son, Jakob. He considers his  dog, Dillinger, a family member and not a pet! Jeremy loves long walks on the beach, spending time with his friends and family, teaching Dillinger new tricks, and he loves his music and video games! You'll find him watching the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon.

Megan Dietz, Certified Pet Trainer

Megan is a Certified Pet Trainer, and started in the spring of 2015. Megan has a way with our clients and their pets. She may be quiet at times, but her personality shines when she is in the field training. Our clients love her and their pets do too. Megan has a Shilo Shepherd, Flare. They have a special bond. Flare is more than just a pet to Megan, she's family. Megan loves Alice and Wonderland, and has a vet assistance degree. She loves going to concerts, cooking, and hiking with Flare. 

Micah Mainzer, Certified Pet Trainer

Micah started her journey with us in March 2018, and she's one of the sweetest people we know! She has three siblings that she loves very much, but her sister, Dara, is her best friend! She has the sweetest hound, Boone, and he is her biggest helper in the training field! She loves sleeping until NOON, playing sports, and watching movies.

Eric Pyland, Senior Technician

Eric has been with Invisible Fence Brand since 2007. he took a small break, but soon returned because he missed us so much! Eric is a Senior Technician, and a Certified Pet Trainer. Eric also installs our GPS systems, and does the training as well. He is the King of Caffeine, due to the fact that he is rarely found without his 2 liter of Mountain Dew. Eric and his beautiful wife, Erica, have been married for 9 years. They have 3 boys, Mike, Cody, and Christian. When it comes to pets, he has quite the mix. He has two dogs, Pheonix (boxer) and Oscar (Dacshund mix), and a bearded Dragon named Zola. Eric is a drummer and singer, and his favorite artists are Sevendust and Disturbed. 

Derek Eyre, Service Technichian

We love having Derek in our work family! He always has a smile on his face, and will accept any challenge or task that is given to him. This guy has been a great addition to the family. Derek loves making his killer spaghetti for his wife, Tracey, and their two grand babies, Brandy and Brooklyn. He definitely considers himself a family guy! Has has two dogs, Snoop and Coco. Derek is a jack of trades but really loves computer repair.  

Hunter, Demo Dog

Hunter is one of our Demo dogs. He loves riding around in the car and helping is dad, Adam, train our clients pets. Hunter was rescued by Adam and his wife. He is four years old. Hunter loves camping, and car rides of any kind. His favorite place in the house is the upstairs loft. Whenever Adam and Katie come home, he flies down the stairs to greet them at the door to say "Hello!"

Flare, Demo Dog

Flare can always be found right next to her mom, Megan. She is super sweet, and very gentle. She's a big fan of being outdoors. She loves hiking with her mom, and cooling off in a lake or river. We love her gentle spirit!

Boone, Demo Dog

Meet Boone! He is a 3 yr old bloodhound/coonhound mix. His absolute favorite thing is to be outside with all the smells! You can probably find him with his nose to the ground following a scent. He is very sweet and loves exploring about as much as he loves his long naps.

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At Invisible Fence of Central Indiana we’re passionate about protecting pets — so you can focus on fun! So, let’s talk. And we’ll find the gentle, effective, affordable solution that’s right for you and your pet. Guaranteed.

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